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12 Tips To Plan A Fundraising Gala With Event Planner Software!

Planning a successful fundraising gala is no small feat. From managing RSVPs to organizing volunteers, the behind-the-scenes work is complex, with many moving parts to coordinate. That’s why increasingly more organizations are turning to event planner software to help streamline event organization.

According to a recent survey, over 64% of event professionals reported using an event management system. With features tailored specifically for hybrid events, event planner software simplifies planning, saving time and reducing stress.

In this post, we’ll share 12 tips on planning a stellar fundraising gala with event management system tools.

Let’s get started!

Understanding Fundraising Gala

Before diving into the event planning details, let’s look at what precisely a fundraising gala is.

A fundraising gala is a formal event held by organizations to raise money for their cause. Fundraising events make up over one-third of charity donations.

Gala events typically involve:

  • A seated dinner
  • Live entertainment
  • ASilent auction
  • An awards ceremony
  • Cocktail reception

While organizing an elaborate event is challenging, fundraising galas provide significant financial support. On average, fundraising gala ticket sales raise between $100,000 to $1 million for your organization!

The Tips To Plan The Fundraising Gala!

Below, we outline 12 tips to plan your fundraising gala with event planner software seamlessly:

1. Build Your Event Team in the Software

To start, build out your event team within your event management system. Define user roles and permissions so your team can collaborate efficiently as plans progress.

Grant access specifically to:

  • Event chairs
  • Committee heads
  • Key volunteers

Clearly outlining responsibilities ahead of time is crucial for smooth execution.

2. Set a Fundraising Goal and Track Progress

One significant benefit of event planner software is the ability to track fundraising metrics and goals. After deciding on your target fundraising amount, enter it into your system dashboard to monitor progress.

As sponsors commit and donations roll in, your system will display real-time updates on money raised versus your set goal. Maintaining visibility encourages your team to rally behind hitting their milestone.

3. Create a Budget and Manage Expenses

Building a detailed gala budget is make-or-break for the event’s financial success. Fortunately, most event management systems offer robust tools to handle money matters easily.

Create line-item expense categories covering costs like:

  • Venue rental
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Decor

As you rack up expenses, the software will track spending across categories and notify you if you are nearly over budget. This level of oversight prevents any budget crises down the line.

Are you searching for an elegant venue space that fits your budget and size requirements? Streamline venue scouting with an event management system’s integrated tools.

Event planner software often includes user-friendly search features enabling you to filter location options by:

  • Guest capacity
  • Rental rates
  • Catering availability
  • Layout

Finding gorgeous settings with venue search features accelerates decision-making, securing the ideal backdrop for your organization’s big night.

5. Build an Interactive Event Program

Engage guests all evening by building an interactive event agenda they can access directly from their phones. With most event planner software, you can create a sleek event program attendees access via custom QR codes.

Upload the evening’s schedule highlighting moments like the following:

  • Awards ceremony
  • Keynote speaker
  • Entertainment lineup

Empower attendees to directly access live countdowns to Auction close times right from the interactive agenda.

6. Manage Sponsorships and Benefits

Acquiring event sponsorships is pivotal for maximizing fundraising potential. To attract and retain partners, highlight the perks and benefits offered at various sponsorship tiers within your event management system.

Send email blasts with sponsorship info, make the sign-up process seamless with online forms, and provide sponsors access to your event planning portal to submit logos, ads, and more based on their tier. Streamlining communication and fulfillment via your software encourages sponsors to commit and spread the word.

7. Order Catering and Manage Vendors

Coordinating catering, rentals, and entertainment partners is complex. Eliminate vendor chaos by centralizing management via your event planner software.

Have all partners submit key details like menus, timing, equipment needs, and contracts directly into the system. This consolidates critical event info while keeping vendors accountable through automated reminders when deliverables are due.

8. Design Custom Invitations and Manage RSVPs

Showcase your event in style by creating breathtaking invitations to send to your exclusive guestlist. Most event planner software includes templates allowing you to design elegant e-invites or print invites easily.

Collect RSVPs seamlessly by integrating the invites with online response capability. As acceptances roll in, your system automatically adjusts guest counts on event orders and tasks accordingly. Talk about smooth sailing the week of the gala!

9. Recruit and Communicate With Volunteers

Relying solely on staff to execute a complex fundraising gala would be impossible. That’s why volunteer support is invaluable when hosting events.

Leverage your event management system to post volunteer needs and roles. Accept online volunteer registration to instantly view commitments and assign tasks based on skills and availability.

Mass communication with volunteers also becomes a breeze via the software, allowing you to email instructions, shift reminders, and day-of updates with just a few clicks.

10. Promote on Social Media and Email

Spread excitement for the big night by launching targeted email and social campaigns from your event software platform.

Design gorgeous email invites, regular event countdown messages, and day-of reminders to send to your supporter list. Driving event awareness through organized outreach fills seats and gets donations rolling in.

11. Tell Your Story With Photos and Videos

After months of diligent planning, tell your powerful story on event night! Set up a photo booth or assign a photographer to capture guests mingling and enjoying your organization’s hard work.

Later, upload and share pictures and videos directly from your event planner software via social channels. Visually showcasing your cause connects with supporters on an emotional level that compels future engagement.

12. Send Post-Event Surveys and Reports

Before calling it a wrap, collect feedback to inform future events. Have your event management software automatically distribute customizable post-event surveys to attendees and staff.

Review compiled metrics and reports to showcase the gala’s reach. Solid numbers on funds raised, guests hosted, and volunteer hours worked display your resounding success!


By leveraging user-friendly event planner software, organizations can strategically organize fundraising galas that engage donors and drive impact. Automated tools not only simplify logistics but also consolidate data to help maximize event ROI in the long term.

Ultimately, choosing an event management system as your event planning sidekick sets your team up for fundraising greatness year after year!

Vanitha Rajendran

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