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Here’re Ways How Eventzilla Boost Your Event Attendance?

Whatever is the type of event you host, bringing in more attendees and engaging them is crucial when it comes to your event’s success. However, it’s not easy to task for you to boost registrations for your event individually as it involves a lot of burdensome processes.

So how can you pull this off? Well, Eventzilla is your one-stop destination. With its all-one event management and marketing platform, you can streamline the entire lifecycle of your event and sell tickets online with ease. Creating an event website or to engage your attendees, it simplifies all your tasks while planning an event.

Create an Event Website to Grasp Attendees

You can create a professional-looking event website in minutes using Eventzilla’s event website builder. You don’t require any coding skills to create one, as it’s just a drag and drag functionality. Further, it’s free to create an event website.

Eventzilla allows you to add detailed event information in terms of logo, speaker profiles, event schedule, ticket type, photos, custom forms, discount codes & much more. Besides, these event websites that you’re going to create via Eventzilla is fully-responsive which works fine on any device.

Once you publish the event, you’re all set to promote your events online. Also, you can get an embed ticket registration widget and place it on your website or blog. With the custom URL option. you can customize the URL as per your brand. Create your Event Now

Event Marketing Tools to Increase Ticket Sales

Apart from managing your event online, our event software you can start promoting your event using the in-built event marketing tools. You can send email invites, create discount codes and share on social media.

You can send bulk emails to your contacts using the built-in email marketing template. All you need to do is to import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Excel sheet to send out email invites for your event. Apart from it, you can also create discount codes to attract more attendees to register for your event. To create more demand for event tickets, you can set a time limit to avail of the promo codes.

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your event. Thus, we have included social media share buttons on the event registration page. So, people who are registering for your event can easily share your event with their friends.

Mobile Event App to Engage your Attendees

Eventzillla allows you to create your own event mobile app in minutes. It helps you to engage your attendees before, during and after the event. You can keep your attendees informed about the event in terms of schedule, speaker profiles, floor plans, sponsors and other essential event information like venue maps. Also, you can share the latest event updates to attendees via push notification. Getting feedback from attendees helps you to understand them well and create better event experience in the future. Our app allows attendees to give ratings for the session, participate in surveys.

With a private chat feature, your attendees can chat with other participants of your event. Further, they can share media like images, videos, and files using this option. Further, when it comes to event networking, Eventzilla offers a plethora of handy features for you to engage your attendees easily.

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