Email Subject Lines for Your Next Event

20 Open-Worthy Email Subject Lines for Your Next Event

The email has become the ubiquitous event marketing tool, the equivalent of newspaper ads from back in the day. Every event planner uses it to promote events and sell tickets. How can your email stand out in the constant traffic of incoming emails into your prospects’ inbox? 

An open-worthy email subject line is key. It must be a strong statement, catchy enough to grasp interest without telling the whole story. You want to prompt a specific action, to open the email in order to find out more information instead of just deleting it. If the receiver deletes your email, you’ve lost the ability to tell your event story and potentially the prospect, maybe forever. 

So, what is an open-worthy subject line? There are several factors to consider. First, who is your audience and what do they want? Why would your attendees consider attending your event? What will they gain? Who will they meet? Your subject line should highlight a benefit that attendees will experience while at your event. 

Also, consider the tone and style that would appeal to your audience. Can you be informal and funny or professional and succinct? It’s important to brand your emails (and really your whole event) in a way that matches the needs of your audience. 

No matter who your attendee is, it’s important to create a sense of urgency (fear of missing out is very real!) and to include a strong and direct call to action. Keep it short and sweet. Avoid spammy language like “50% off” and “FREE TICKETS”. Try to personalize when you can. Using a marketing and automation software platform like Eventzilla that allows you to customize your subject line is preferable.  And always, always be personable and approachable!

Here are 20 great event email subject lines that we think are open-worthy. 

1. You could be in the room where it happened

2. There will be no FOMO if you buy your ticket now

3. Influencers unite! Let’s meet at [event name] 4. Need to meet [industry] influencers?

5. This is huge! Don’t miss out! 6. Was your Instagram feed full of [event name] last year?

7. Be there in person instead of following [event name] on Instagram

8. [Event Name] will have your LinkedIn connections talking

9. Don’t just connect on LinkedIn. Connect at [event name]

10. Don’t miss the chance to meet [Keynote speaker or celebrity]

11. Have you clicked “Buy Tickets” yet?  12. Start packing!

13. Who’s coming to [event name]? 

14. What are you waiting for?

15. Ticket sale for [event name} starts NOW

16. [Event name]. Don’t miss out 

17. Last chance! Book your early-bird tickets before they are gone

18. VIP tickets are going fast

19. Meet [keynote speaker] 1-on-1

20. [Keynote speaker] is spilling all his/her secrets The bottom line is that a subject line is the one and only chance you have to entice prospects to open your email, learn more about your event, and click the “Register Now” button. What can you do to make your event marketing email impossible to ignore?

Eventzilla Team

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