How to Choose The Perfect Event For YourBusiness?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, online marketing took a huge boom. As marketing
tactics changed, virtual interactions have become the norm. Most organizations and
brands rely on hosting online events, and undoubtedly, they have survived and

The resilience and adaptability of this industry are evident as it is projected to reach
a staggering $1,552.9 billion by 2028. Despite the rise of digital marketing, events
continue to be a powerful tool for brand marketing, with 54% of event organizers
utilizing various event types to spread brand awareness.

Like other brands, if you also want to take your business to the next level, we
suggest you host an event with the help of the best online conference
management software and see the change yourself.

Now the question arises: What event can you host for your brand to make it stand

Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you understand different events you can go to
as per your choice.

So, let’s begin!

Importance of Events in a Digital Era

Before we move ahead, you need to know the importance of organizing or hosting
events. So, first, let’s understand that.

While digital marketing plays a significant role, events offer a unique opportunity for
face-to-face interactions, building professional networks, and sharing ideas.

The versatility of events, be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid, allows businesses to tailor
their strategies to diverse preferences. In-person events, in particular, remain
integral, with 72% of organizers acknowledging their pivotal role in overall marketing

Let’s discuss their types and see how they can help your business or brand.

Types of Events – Navigating the Diversity

In-Person Events

Exhibitions and Trade Shows
Trade shows and exhibitions bring together industry stakeholders, allowing them to
showcase products and services. These events offer a platform for networking,
demo sessions, and presentations, attracting 92% of attendees seeking innovation.

Educational Workshops
Workshops provide interactive and engaging experiences, offering practical learning
opportunities. Attendees actively participate in exercises related to the workshop’s
theme, leading to better retention of information.

Immersive Field Marketing
Field marketing events add a personal touch to promotions, creating customized
consumer experiences. Product launches, in-store events, and giveaways help
brands establish customer connections.

Seminars, often associated with conferences, focus on educational presentations.
These events are great for attendees to gain new insights and add certifications to
their portfolios.

Conferences, characterized by large-scale gatherings, bring together experts and
stakeholders. Beyond speaking sessions, modern conferences incorporate contests,
exhibitions, and networking opportunities. You can use software for conference
management like Eventzilla, which will help you schedule and manage conferences
like never before.

Virtual Events

Webinars have become integral to marketing efforts, with 95% of marketers
recognizing their importance. Lead generation, training, and product launches are
successfully executed through virtual webinars.

Virtual Recruiting
Recruiting events have transitioned to virtual platforms, allowing access to a broader
talent pool. Brands can showcase their inclusive image and provide resources to
new talent for professional development.

Remote Training Sessions
Virtual training sessions facilitate global team interactions, enabling collaboration
across different departments and geographical locations. They are particularly
beneficial for onboarding new team members.

Exclusive Private Events
Private events, such as investor meet-ups and board meetings, maintain
confidentiality. In a global workforce scenario, these events have seamlessly
transitioned to virtual platforms focusing on digital security.

Online Summits
Virtual summits involving industry leaders and board members have gained
popularity for their cost-effective and impactful outcomes. Powerful online tools
enhance engagement and widen the audience’s reach.

Hybrid Events

Global Town Halls
Companies use hybrid setups for town halls to engage employees globally. This
format allows for archiving events for future reference and sharing real-time updates
with the entire organization.

Innovative Product Launches
Hybrid setups enable brands to showcase new products to a global audience. Digital
reach enhances inclusivity, making product launches more engaging and interesting.

Blended Trade Shows
Trade shows have successfully embraced hybrid formats, with 30% of events in
2021 adopting this approach. Virtual maps and digital registration systems enhance
the experience for exhibitors and attendees.

Strategic Sales Kickoffs
Sales kickoffs, held at the start of a new financial year, benefit from a hybrid format.
It allows teams from different time zones and branches to participate, fostering a
sense of partnership and solidarity.

Cross-Continental Multi-Site Meetings
Hybrid multi-site meetings provide a cost-effective solution for organizations to
communicate and network. Minimal tech investment is required, making them
efficient and convenient for teams across various locations.

Eventzilla: Your Swiss Army Knife for Any Event Management

If you are planning and executing these diverse events, you require a
comprehensive and intuitive tool. Eventzilla emerges as the best Online
Conference Management Software, offering a robust platform for virtual, hybrid,
and in-person requirements.

This versatile application facilitates seamless and hassle-free event experiences,
including trade shows, conferences, seminars, and webinars.

Key Features of Eventzilla

Now you must be thinking why Eventzilla is the best choice as an event
management tool. Then you must look at its features listed below:

● Seamless Event Registration Flow: The platform offers a fast and secure
registration process with customizable forms and branded event websites.

● Contactless Check-In: Eventzilla ensures contactless check-in for guests at
the venue, utilizing QR codes for efficient and paperless check-in processes.

● White Label Ticketing Solutions: Eventzilla ‘s white-label ticketing feature
completely controls ticket purchases, offering a professional and branded

● Mobile App for Event Organizers: The mobile app syncs real-time data with
Eventzilla servers, allowing organizers to monitor ticket sales, check-in
attendees, and sell tickets and merchandise on-site.

● Hybrid Event Management Made Easy: Eventzilla simplifies the
management of hybrid events by centralizing virtual and in-person elements,
providing a streamlined experience for organizers.


Events remain a cornerstone for brand visibility, networking, and knowledge-sharing
in a world filled with diverse communication channels. Understanding the nuances of
different event types and embracing the flexibility of in-person, virtual, or hybrid
formats empowers businesses to create impactful experiences.

Whether you’re aiming for a global reach, focused training sessions, or confidential
board meetings, the right event type awaits.

Choose wisely, and let Eventzilla be your partner in orchestrating memorable and
successful events.

Vanitha Rajendran

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