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Expand your reach to worldwide audiences with Event Hub

Event Hub is a dedicated space to engage your event attendees with interactive content like live streaming content, polls, activity stream, 1:1 private chat, and more.
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Event Hub to engage attendees before, during, and after the event

With Eventzilla’s attendee event hub, you can create an immersive event experience by engaging attendees with live activity stream updates, polls, and 1:1 messaging. Create a rich attendee profile and ensure that your attendees have access to your event content anytime they want to.

Key features

  • Branded event portal for attendees
  • Feature Speakers & Sponsors
  • Feature Sessions
  • Webinar and live streaming content
  • 1:1 private messaging to promote networking
  • Live polls, speaker and sponsor ratings
  • Sponsor content, in-depth analytics, activity stream, and more.
Event Hub to engage attendees before, during, and after the event

Event hub features

Deliver an engaging event experience for both your in-person and remote participants by creating an Event Hub.

Customizable Lobby Page

Customizable Lobby Page

Welcome your registered attendees to a stunning lobby page where they can instantly preview the event they have just signed up for. You can list event announcements & updates on which sessions are coming up next and feature event speakers.

Self-service live streaming

With broadcast studio-quality live-streaming sessions or pre-recorded videos with self-service video production tools for smaller interactive events or large keynotes with tens of thousands of attendees.

Self-service live streaming
1:1 Attendee Networking

1:1 Attendee Networking

Creating connections and boosting engagement at events is easy with direct messaging. With Eventzilla, your attendees can message their peers before, during, and after the event to make sure they stay connected.

Advanced engagement analytics

Find out how well your attendees are engaged with our built-in analytics tools to track the number of clicks, session views, and much more.

Advanced engagement analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I turn on Event Hub?

Once you publish your event registration page on Eventzilla, you will see options to configure and publish Event Hub.

Event Hub is completely optional. You can turn on or off anytime.

How much does it cost to use Event Hub for my event?

A fee of $0.99 per attendee, which can be collected in real-time during registration.

Note: By choosing to pass on this fee to your registrant(s), Event Hub is available at Zero cost to the event organizer.

How is an Event Hub different from an Online Event Page?

If you planning on hosting concurrent sessions, and want to make your event interactive, Event Hub is a better solution.

Here is a chart that will show the differences between Event Hub and Online Event Page.

Event Hub Online Event Page
What is the difference between On-Stage Sessions and Breakout Sessions?

On stage sessions can be live streamed to thousands of attendees and generally used for keynote type of sessions. These sessions will be less interactive and mostly listening to the speaker.

On the other hand, breakout sessions are smaller, less than 20 attendees total and interactive. This can be used to use for panel discussions, workshops and deep dives on specific topics within a conference or seminar.

Can I trial Event Hub before publishing it?


You can preview the Event Hub features during setup. Until, you decide to publish, there are no charges to preview the Event Hub content.

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"Great software, easy to use!"I really liked all the features available for event management. We held an event for 150 and could not have handled registration without it.
Julie Blacklock
Woodland Community College

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