8 reasons why you will love Eventzilla

iStock_000012131210XSmall1. Helps you get more attendees for your events

Whether you are business coach running training events across the country or a fitness trainer running training classes in your city. Eventzilla can help you create a professional looking event webpage for your training event in minutes where your customers can easily register and pay online.

2. Simple to use and affordable (no training required)

Forget programming and installations that take hours. With a setup that takes less than 5 minutes to get you going, Eventzilla is as easy as blogging.

3. Payments sent to your PayPal directly (in most of the World currencies)

Just get a PayPal account and send money from the sale of tickets or registration directly to your bank. No more waiting! We send you an invoice monthly and you can pay online with ease.

4. Promote and sell tickets through your blog and Facebook

Integrate your online world with your Eventzilla account and sell tickets from anywhere you can think of. Here’s a sample list of some of the places you can start with:

– Your website

– Your blog (and your friend’s blog as well!!)

– Facebook

– Twitter

– Eventzilla website

5. Pay only when you sell

Setup and promote your event for free and pay only when you make a sale. Sounds great? Well here’s some icing on the cake. We charge you as low as 0.50 cents per attendee (the most competitive in the entire industry).

6. We don’t sell you training because you don’t need it.

We believe software should not require training for people to start using it but at the same time our friendly customer support team will be there to support any issues you may face while using Eventzilla. We don’t sell you training because you don’t need it. You can send a note to support@eventzilla.net and you will receive an answer in less than 8 hours.

7. Security and Reliability Safeguards

At Eventzilla we know that our customers rely on us as an important part of their business processes and record keeping of their attendees and contacts. We take these responsibilities to our customers seriously. With a Minimum 128 bit SSL encryption provided by VeriSign, you can be rest assured about the security and integrity of your valuable data.

8. Leave the boring bits to us and concentrate on what is important

No more remembering what needs to be updated and what has to be added. From maintaining the site to adding new features and taking care of the security, we do all the menial work, while you have more time on your hands to concentrate on improving your bottom line

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Eventzilla Team

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