influencer marketing strategy for events

Make your event go viral with influencer marketing

You’ve planned, budgeted, and prepared for your event, but how can you get more eyes on your event? One common misconception is that it’s the number of attendees that matters. While it’s true that many attendees will bring along their connections, getting influencers to market your event is an effective way to reach a wider group of potential attendees. 

This blog post will walk you through the best ways to execute an influencer marketing strategy for events.

Find the right influencers matching your brand

When planning your influencer strategy, it is important to find influencers that match your brand. This will help ensure that the event promotion and content they produce are on-brand and in line with your company’s messaging. To get the most out of your influencers, you should plan promotional content and activities well in advance of the event. This will allow them to generate excitement and build anticipation for the event among their followers.

Let them generate a pre-event hype

Pre-event buzz is especially important if you want to drive higher engagement or if you need audiences to take some action soon after the event. This could be anything from visiting your store to buying your newly-launched product. The best way to generate pre-event buzz is by engaging with social media influencers, who have strong followings and the ability to strategically plan out a campaign in advance.

Share glimpses of your event after it ends

If you want to earn a significant amount of brand awareness and expand your reach, consider working with an influencer to create content about your event. The influencer will likely share photos and videos of the event on social media using their platform to ensure that your brand reaches their followers. While this is effective, you also need to be sure that others can see the content as well. For example, you can use hashtags or embed photographs into blog posts.

Name drop

After you have built a network of influencers, always make sure to quote them in future posts. Quoting them will help create credibility and trust among your audience. Doing this will also help foster networking opportunities, which may result in new partnerships.

Ragavendhar Mohan