Mobile event app

How to choose the right mobile event app

As the demand for hybrid events is on the rise, the need for mobile event apps has eventually increased significantly in recent times. Whether it’s combining both the virtual elements & onsite elements or delivering an engaging experience for attendees regardless of their location, the mobile event app helps event organizers to execute their hybrid event tasks with ease. But, choosing the right event technology is the key to the success of your event. 

Here’re some tips to consider while choosing the mobile event app. 

Choose an app that’s easy to use

Time is money, and technology costs both. Choose an app that requires a minimal investment of time for your staff to learn how to use it. Look for demos, case studies, and free trial periods that let you experience each product firsthand. Thus, when comparing event apps, make sure you consider all the ways people will actively be using it, so it truly gets put to work.

Learn to differentiate the features

Mobile event apps with the most features may grasp more attention among most event professionals, but that comes at a price. It’s all about delivering a great experience for your attendees and making event management easy for your team. Choosing an event software doesn’t mean that you have to use all its features. Instead, you must separate features that are must-have and inessential for your event. 

Opportunity for Sponsor Promotion

Today, sponsors and exhibitors aren’t looking for a simple listing; they’re looking to maximize the effectiveness of their investment. Make sure that your mobile event app not only needs to look great and engage your attendees, check if it creates opportunities to generate revenue for sponsors or exhibitors. An event app should offer more than just an attendee directory of sponsors and exhibitors — it should allow those companies to share video, photos, links, and social content with attendees.

24/7 Support 

It is yet another aspect to consider while choosing an event app. It is a fact that you might be facing some issues while using any technology. Thus, you must prefer an event app with a good support team to help you 24/7 to get your problems fixed without much delay.  

Ragavendhar Mohan