1st Annual Colorado Ayurveda Conference - Exploring Ayurveda: Personalized Medicine for All

Submission deadline: August, 1st 2019

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Call for Presentations
Submission deadline: August, 1st 2019

Submission Guidelines

    Namaste! Colorado Ayurvedic Medical Association (COLORAMA) invites its members and other health care practitioners to submit proposals for panel presentations in one of the following fields of Ayurvedic Health Care. There will be 2-4 presentation slots available for each topic. Presentations should be 15 minutes in length. Please keep in mind that attendees will largely be Ayurvedic as well as other health care professionals. For topics, papers should address a specific treatment issue or controversy within the given topic. Where applicable, related modern research (eg. herbology, Yoga therapy, clinical trials, etc.) should be cited. Single case study presentations are welcomed, as are summaries of treatment results from a specific population of your patients. Proposals which simply summarise a standard classical or standard modern Ayurvedic treatment for a specific condition will not be accepted. Papers contrasting different classical approaches for a given illness, or classical vs. modern Ayurvedic approaches are acceptable. Deadline for submission is August 1, 2019. You will be notified by Sept 15 regarding your proposal. Thank you! COLORAMA Events Committee

  • Ayurvedic Psychiatry and Yoga Psychology: Ayurvedic Interventions in Specific Mental Disorders
  • Ayurvedic Research: Yesterday and Today
  • Business Support and Considerations For the Practice of Ayurveda
  • Case Studies Presentations: Ayurveda in Difficult Diseases
  • Exploring the Interface: Ayurveda in the Context of Other Health Disciplines
  • Issues in Women’s Health Care within the Phases of Women’s Lives
  • Rasayana and Longevity: Substances and Practices