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Cool event promotion ideas

5 cool event promotion ideas to sell out your event

Whether your event is a beach festival, a concert, a food show, a trade show, a convention, or an athletic competition, event promotion is one of the factors you must consider to sell out your event. But what kind of promotional tactics will get your company the attention you want? Here are some tips to help you take your events from ho-hum to extraordinary.

Create a captivating video content

Video can be a great way to draw attention to your event. It is almost a necessity as it gives visitors an immediate indication of what they can expect from your event. Creating a video that fits in with the branding and appearance of your event website and helps drive traffic is crucial to getting the most from your event. However, it’s important to get the approach right to make the most out of your event marketing video. 

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a must-do in event promotion campaigns. By partnering with an influencer whose audience matches your brand’s target market, you’ll get more registrations for your events than ever before and at a lower cost. With the right influencer, you can also create shareable content such as blog posts, photos, and videos that will capture your audiences’ attention and lead them to your event pages.

Free merchandise giveaway

Good promotions cost little to nothing and can add a lot of value for your attendees. Whether it’s passing out branded merchandise or giving away some cool swag, these promotions build excitement and anticipation around the event without breaking the bank. To incentivize event sign-ups, give each attendee a free branded hat or T-shirt. Not only will they remember why they came to your event, but they’ll also get extra use out of it outside the event — because everyone loves free stuff!

Beautiful event website

Using an attractive event website template like the ones offered by Eventzilla can be an excellent way to promote your next event. The average time for a web user to stay on a website is 2.6 seconds, so to get the attention of web users and encourage them to stay for a longer time, you must design the event website in a way that immediately sparks their interest.

Offer early bird discount

Giving discounts is yet another cool event promotion idea that entices your potential audiences to register for an event. Early-bird schemes represent a powerful way to generate both buzz and revenue. Set a limited number of tickets up for grabs or include a discount for first-time ticket buyers — either way, the limited availability of early bird tickets will create a buzz around the event. 

Ragavendhar Mohan