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Advance Registration
Advance entry benefits both you and the tournament. Your online entry can be exported to the computer tournament administration program in advance saving the tournament directors valuable time the morning of the event. You, of course, are paid for your consideration with a generous discount. If you want to receive emails or tweets with your pairing during the tournament please be sure to fill out "pairing email" and/or "tweet handle". The email must be a valid email address and the twitter handle must start with a @.
Sale ended $35.00
Late Registration
If you miss the advance deadline you can still insure participation by entering Here. Online entry here gets you paired for the first round, even if you are late. We will check for late entries before pairing. If you are not registered when the pairing process begins you may not be paired for the first round. Of course if you arrive early before pairing you can also register and pay at the door and play the first round.
Sale ended $40.00
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