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Admission - GERMAN



$ 55.00
Admission - AMERICAN



$ 55.00
Case of 2000 Paintballs (event paint only)



$ 65.00

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$ 20.00
Basic Rental Package

Rental Package includes Tippmann 98/FT-12 Marker, Tank, Goggle/Mask, BBD, and free air fills (paintballs not included)


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Upgraded Rental Package

Rental Package includes Electronic Marker, Electronic Loader, Tank, Goggle/Mask, BBD, and free air fills (paintballs not incluced)


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Event details

2015 Battle Of The Bulge OXCC - Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City Maryland! December 12th!!
Leading the Germans (Red) side will be Frederick Young of the Sons of Vengeance Paintball Team! Fred bring many years of experience and has been playing the game since 1992!
XO selected to lead the charge for the Germans is Adam Green from the Viking Militia. 

Leading the Americans (Blue) side will be Cal Sio of the Blast Camp Crew; a hard hitting in your face team located in the midwest! Cal is also one of the head refs Blastcamp Paintball & Airsoft!!!
XO selected to lead the charge for the U.S. is Chris Abernethy of the Soup Can Cocks. 

Choose wisely but know that both of these individuals are dedicated to bringing you a very competitive, stand up game of paintball

Battle Of The Bulge 2015
A Payroll Production

7:30 a.m. Registration & Air Open
9:00 a.m. Rules Briefing & Prize Give-away
9:30 a.m. Teams head to fields
10:00 a.m. Game Starts
3:30 p.m. Break for Final Battle
4:00 p.m. Final Battle
4:30 p.m. Game Ends
4:45 p.m. Post Game Scores and Awards/Give-aways

Event Specific Rules

Event paint only! Any players found to be using outside paint will be removed from the event without refund no questions asked!
Arm Band Tape
Is mandatory. Each sides commander/xo are responsible for ensuring all players are taped
Excessive foul language, cheating, blatantly breaking of rules, or anything in between will result in player card ref punches up to and including expulsion of the game with no refund. Major infractions will have you removed from the game immediately. If any of the above arises from a team player we will remove your whole team from the field and you can answer to them as well. 
Player Id Badges
It is your responsibility to keep track of your player badge, without this you will not gain entry into the playing field, event staff will not be held responsible for lost or misplaced badges. Keep it on you at all times
You will find various props on the field of play. Return them to your commander. All game props must remain on the field in your teams designated prop box safe. If props are found off field for any other reason they will be taken and be cycled back into the game. Props must remain OUTSIDE of the commander bunker at all times. Players can carry props on their person, but if they are eliminated they MUST drop all props at the location they are eliminated at.
Prop Safe
Can not be moved at all. Event supplied locks must be used only. No replacing, moving, or taking locks of enemy prop safe is allowed. No compromising the integrity of the locks at all.

A team can crack an enemy teams prop safe upon base over run and is allowed to take no more than 50% of its contents
Commanders will receive missions every half hour of game play. Contact your commander to get involved in running missions. Every mission card MUST be at its location before a mission can start. Event staff will mark all mission cards with start time, end time, and their ref number for mission verification. After missions are completed ref staff will radio event promoter with mission number and completion details and will give mission card back to the player for command tracking. You have approx. one hour to START a mission from when it is given, if that hour lapses you will not receive credit for completing that mission. While not mandatory we ask that all missions are returned back to event promoter when time allows to ensure proper scoring is reflected, this is players responsibility not event staff. 
It is vital to your sides success to complete missions at all costs!!
There will be puzzles located throughout the field of play. If you encounter a puzzle you may attempt to solve it. The puzzle can not be removed from the location until you believe you have successfully solved it. After a puzzle is solved it is that sides responsibility to take puzzle to event staff to verify if it is correct. Upon verification your side will receive points for each successful puzzle solved. 
Flag Stations
Located throughout the field you will want to control as many of these flags as possible. Keep in mind you will not have enough flags to control all point position plus run a field hospital and the upgrades flag.
Points Flags
Will be marked on official event map with a (P). Hold these locations at all costs to receive points every hour of game play.
Field Hospital Flag
Will be marked on official event map with a (H). Hold this location to have a second insertion point option. Remember this area can be destroyed by the enemy. You can not use opposing teams hospital to insert from at any time.
Upgrade Flag
Holding this flag for one hour will gain you extra supplies to use on the field of play.
Insertions will occur from your base or field hospital every 15 minutes with a 5 minute window. If you miss an insertion window you must wait for the next window to open. The first 15 minutes of game play during each segment, players that have not entered the game may enter the game instantly, there after normal insertion rules apply with the exception of final battle. All players must be clean of all old hits before re-entering game play. In the result of base over runs a side will be given two insertions to attempt to re-take the field. If unsuccessful opposing side will be asked to move players back, if refused event staff reserve the right to move players back at our own discretion. 

When entering the field to return to your base for insertion, players are expected to avoid walking through fire fights or enemy lines as much as possible.
If a paintball breaks on your person or any equipment you are carrying you are eliminated. Unless utilizing a medic, raise your hand, call yourself out, and exit the field/area as quickly as possible. ALWAYS barrel sock your marker when dead, failure to do so may result in being targeted again as a live player. 
Radio Use
It is illegal and bad form to monitor ref/event channels purposely. If you are caught doing this you will be ejected from the game, no questions asked. 
Medics/Medic Calls
Medics may not heal neck or head shots they are instant kills. A player calling for a medic MUST yell MEDIC first and foremost, if you yell hit or out you are eliminated. A medic has one minute to reach you, fill out their medic card, wipe the hit for you and you are back in play. Medics can not heal gun shots. Medics must wear white arm band tape, have a blank medic card, and properly write down player numbers when being a medic. Failure to do so will result in the loss of medic supply cards.
No arm band tape required. Must retain a LAW supply punch card. Signal a ref who will punch card for each shot used. LAWS can only be used on man made structures, tanks, or aircraft only. LAWS eliminate all players inside structure and those on the walls of structure as well. Once a ref clears a structure players are free to jump back into structure. REFS are not responsible for retrieving LAW rounds for players. You DO NOT need to have your law shots punched if you are shooting at a tank or aircraft 
Safe Cracker
Designated by two strips of player arm band tape on one arm. This player is highly trained in safe cracking and breaking. He will receive a list of suspected combinations to the enemies prop safe. If they are lucky enough to get inside the enemy base they must then begin to try several combinations in an attempt to gain access to its valuable contents. Only 50% of the safe contents may be taken upon opening. Must leave locks. During day light hours it is considered too dangerous to bring safe cracking information inside enemy bases, so safe crackers must rely on the use of radios or memorization of combinations when attempting to crack locks. 
Search The Body
When you eliminate an enemy player you have the right to yell “search the body”. This is an immediate call after an opposing player is eliminated. If you wait until they have begin to exit their location you have failed at doing so successfully. You have approximately one minute to reach the player you are searching. Upon reaching said player must give up any props, medic, sniper, or law cards they may have.
Barrel Tagging
Barrel tagging is allowed and will only be ruled successful if the following happens. Barrel must be on gun or a paintball pistol is allowed as well. No barrel up the sleeve tricks. When barrel tagging someone the specific words “barrel tag, your dead” must be used. If any other phrase or wording is used your barrel tag is unsuccessful and you may end up barrel tagged yourself. If you are barrel tagged it is common courtesy to exit the field quietly and not yell or cause a scene about being barrel tagged. Be respectful of the skill it took for someone to do this to you. Failure to do so will result in a ref punch. 
Radio Use
Once eliminated from the battle of play radio use is not allowed. The use of radios is allowed by players waiting to insert back into the game. If you are away from your base off field no radio use is allowed.
Sideline Coaching
Not allowed. A dead player is not active in the game thus no sideline coaching is allowed. Sideline coaching is only encouraged for final battle by spectators watching the final battle. Failure to do so will result in a ref punch. 


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