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Kayell Australia Lighting Workshop


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Basic Lighting Techniques Using Speedlights and Studio FlashLastolite_Studio_Lighting.jpg

Photography is all about the quality of light, it defines form and texture, sets mood and can make or break the composition of a image.

Great portraiture captures much more than just a likeness of the subject, participants of this course will explore the techniques of photographing people by learning the basics of lighting with speed lights and studio flash in this group practical hands on course.

You will learn to understand the direction, quality and colour of light on the subject and surrounds in terms of direction and mood. This will enhance your portrait photography skills and assist you to develop your own techniques.

This is an intermediate level course for people who already know how to use their digital cameras. This course will run for 3 hours and during the day there will be a model available during the photo sessions and each participant will have an opertunity to work with the model.

If you want to learn portrait photography and how to master flash, then this is the course is for you.

What you need for the workshop:

Be prepared:

You will get the most out of the course if you are familiar with your camera’s basic operations. Make sure you know how to manually adjust your shutter speed, apeture, and ISO. Break out the manual and review these things before the workshop if necessary!


Your DSLR camera, a medium range zoom (hopefully f2.8 max aperture), but if you have them, also bring a 50mm and/or an 85mm lens and of course a CF/SD card. We will supply all the speed light’s, Elinchrom and Lastolite flash and lighting modifiers/backgrounds required for the course.


During this course the following topics will be covered. Due to the variable nature of courses, parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class.

- Lighting terminology – Direct, Diffused and Reflected, High Key and Low Key

- Types of Light: Studio Flash and Speed Light’s

- Controlling light intensity and contrast

- Lighting Ratios

- When and how to use modifiers and reflectors.

- Various aspects of lighting; quality point / spectral, diffused, quantity & direction

- Effective use of backdrops and how to light them

- Lighting for mood and effect

- Traditional studio lighting set ups for Portraiture; Broad, Short, Rembrandt, Loop Butterfly and Side lighting

- Creative techniques such as High Key and Low Key, Silhouette and Rim lighting.



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