2014 Vision Quest

17 June 2014 09:15 AM till 22 June 2014 03:00 PM

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Early Bird/FullCamp/Adults
This ticket is for one adult (ages 21-64) that is attending camp for the full time. Must be paid in full by May 15th.
Sale ended $242.00
This is an adult (ages 21-64) ticket for one drop in day. Must be paid in full by May 15th
Sale ended $55.00
This ticket is for young adults (ages 13-20) and elders (65 +) to attend camp the full time. Must be paid in full by May 15th
Sale ended $218.00
This ticket is for one drop in day for young adults (ages 13-20) and elders (65 +). Must be paid in full by May 15th.
Sale ended $49.00
This ticket is for children (ages 12 and under) to attend camp.
Sale ended Free
This ticket is for adults ages 21-64. Must be paid in full by June 18th
Sale ended $285.00
Drop in/Adult
Good for one day for adults ages 21-64. Must be paid in full by June 18th
Sale ended $65.00
Full Camp/Young Adult/Elder
This ticket is good for young adults, ages 13-20, and Elders, ages 65 +. Must be paid in full by June 18th
Sale ended $257.00
Drop in/Young Adult/Elder
Good for one day for young adults (ages 13-20) and Elders (ages 65 +). Must be paid in full by June 18th.
Sale ended $58.00
This ticket is good for one child, ages 12 and under.
Sale ended Free

Event Description

We have been having some issues with eventzilla and people registering on this site.  If you cannot register online for any reason please visit http://www.fwfoundation.com/groups/vision-quest/ and click on the "Register by Check" option.  Thank you!



Join Four Winds on our sacred land, Deer Haven, in Terabonne, Oregon to support those that are going on the mountain this year.  

For more information please visit http://www.fwfoundation.com/groups/vision-quest/


What to bring:

sleeping bags
one gallon of water per day for personal drinking
warm clothing
sunscreen and sun hat
musical instruments
drums and rattles
flip flops
personal plate, cup and silverware, with your names on them
folding camp chair
time keeping device with alarm
sweat dress for women and girls and for men shorts and towels

We do not take showers or wash our hair until all the Pledges are off the Mountain. After the four days, you are welcome to take a shower in our outdoor solar shower. We do have an outdoor shower but this is Pledges first and then Elders.

Dress attire: Men: We ask men to wear long pants during camp. If you want to go into your tent and wear shorts this is fine. When around the kitchen or the ceremonial area, long pants and skirts please in respect to the indigenous peoples’ ways. Short sleeve shirts are fine. Women are encouraged to wear a dress or skirts while in camp. A sweat dress is usually something of cotton, as other synthetic fabric can get pretty hot. No mini skirts or tank tops. The people can wear ceremonial shirts, dresses, and shawls for feast day and night ceremonies. This is a way honoring the spirits with our best. We dress up for these times.

Vans & RV: If you are coming with a van or camper, let us know ahead of time so we can plan for your vehicles. We do ask that you not use your generators during the camp.

Cell Phone: We do have service in this area. We would ask that you keep your cell phones in your cars use them there. If you are required to be on call, then a helper needs to know this. Otherwise we ask that you go to your cars for your cell connections. Otherwise, we ask that you come and talk with Grandfather Fire to send other messages this way.

Leave at Home: guns, drugs, alcohol, computers. We ask that your pets stay at home or go to resorts for the week or have a loving person watch them that can not attend camp as a way to honor and support the pledges. If your dog is an Assistant animal then by all means they are welcome to assist you.  Just let us know and prepare for their food, shade, and water needs.

Cameras: Cameras are allowed, as long as they are not used during ceremonies. You are welcome to take pictures of the camp. Please do not take pictures of the altar during the ceremony. We ask that you wait until the pipes are smoked at the End, before you take pictures of “returning pledges.”   It would be wonderful to have some pictures of the events in camp, and of the people and the Talent show for the archives. We are creating a new website and would love to share pictures for this too this year. Please be respectful by asking to take pictures, as not all people like their pictures taken at this time of ceremony.

Recycling and Sustainability: We do crafts, put on a talent show for all,  and really try to do a wonderful job of caring for the environment while there. We recycle and ask if any of you can help take away this to a recycling center or do a dump run for us at the end of camp with your truck or trailer, we can use the help.

Cancellation Policy

If you withdraw from a class 30 days or more before the beginning of camp and have already paid the class fee, Four Winds will refund all of your payment.

*If you withdraw 15-30 days before the start date, Four Winds will refund all but 25% of your total payment.
*If canceling 8-15 days before the start date, Four Winds will refund all but 50% of your total payment.
*No refunds will be given 8 days or less from the start date of camp.
*No refunds will be given in the middle of camp.


Deer Haven
71140 NW Lower Bridge Way
United States