Fall Volunteer Training Program

28 September 2013 08:00 AM till 11:15 AM

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Event Description

New and Returning Volunteer Training 

Saturday, September 28, 2013
Regis University - Lowell Campus
Lowell Blvd & West 50th Ave
Denver, Colorado

Registration: 8:00 a.m.
(Coffee, Tea and Bagels provided)

Loyola Hall 
Click here for a map


Registration deadline: Wednesday, September 25, 2013



1st session 8:30 -9:45 2nd session 10:00-11:15

A. Brick by Brick: Breaking Down the Cultural Divide That Inhibits ESL Learning

Debbie Goldman and Jenny Desmond

D. Warm Up Activities for ESL

Stephanie Newhouse


B. Motivational interviewing: Tools to facilitate learner persistence

Cara Messick

E. Computer Literacy for Adult Students

Kenia Campbell

C. Encouraging reading based on consideration of learning style preference

Linda Merkl

F. I Would Like to Purchase an Argument: Writing and the 2014 GED Test

Josh Evans


A. Brick by Brick: Breaking Down the Cultural Divide That Inhibits ESL Learning – 8:30-9:45 

Utilizing the cultural frameworks of Cultural Knowings (Moran, 2001) and the Hofstede Dimensions (2010), we will give you tools to understand the cultural “bricks” composing the walls that hinder English learning.  By removing these bricks, your English classes can be more inviting, productive, and even have improved attendance.  Classroom application and activities will be provided.

In this training session, participants will: 

  1. Receive a brief introduction to Moran’s and Hofstede’s theories of understanding culture
  2. Learn simple tools to understand student’s cultural background and expectations, in contrast to the instructor’s cultural mores
  3. Learn to apply those tools, so students and teachers feel more relaxed and engaged
  4. Gather examples and tips that will transform their teaching TODAY

Presenter/s:  Debbie Goldman and Jenny Desmond
Organization/School:  Intercambio Uniting Communities
Email Address: debbie@intercambioweb.org ; jenny@intercambioweb.org 

Debbie Goldman, Academic Director at Intercambio Uniting Communities, holds a MA in TEFL, and has over 30 years experience abroad, living and teaching English to learners of all ages in different cultures.
Jenny Desmond, interacts with ESL adults from 45+ countries as a Program Director at Intercambio Uniting Communities. She holds a MA in Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations (2012) from Regis University.


B. Motivational interviewing: Tools to facilitate learner persistence – 8:30-9:45

Participants will conduct a brief review of learner persistence and be introduced to key strategies used in motivational interviewing.  The session will then evaluate how motivational interviewing strategies can be applied to learner persistence in adult education.

In this training session, participants will:

  1. Review how stages of change apply to learner persistence
  2. Learn how motivational interviewing applies to the stages of change
  3. Identify key tools in addressing ambivalence
  4. Analyze application of tools  in education

Presenter/s: Cara Messick
Organization/School: Focus Points
Email address: cara.messick@gmail.com 


C. Encouraging reading based on consideration of learning style preference – 8:30-9:45

Reading is a part of learning throughout the curriculum. Discover how you can use reading activities to increase your student’s success in any content area. Attendees will focus on their preferred learning style and how that impacts their teaching using Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory (K-LSI). Based on the results of the K-LSI, attendees will consider reading activities that they currently use, or wish to implement, in their classroom. Working individually, or in groups, attendees will develop the awareness needed to easily adapt activities to meet the different needs of their students. Attendees are encouraged to bring any reading activities that they currently use in their classroom.

In this training session, participants will: 

  1. Recognize your own learning style.
  2. Understand how your learning style affects your teaching practice.
  3. Adapt classroom activities to fit different learning styles.

Presenter/s:Linda Merkl, PhD
Organization/School: Regis University
Email address: lmerkl@regis.edu

Dr. Linda Merkl has worked in higher education for over 16 years holding positions as Faculty member, Department Chair, Academic Program Manager, and Director of Faculty Development. Linda currently serves as the Department Chair for the M.S. in Adult Education and Training program at Regis University. 


D. Warm Up Activities for ESL – 10:00-11:15

Adult teachers/tutors will actively learn how to get your students motivated to learn any subject.  The brain needs to be “warmed up” to start processing academic learning and formulating English conversation.  Various strategies and activities will be taught and practiced in the workshop.  The strategies involve your ELL student in speaking and listening, while infusing reading and writing activities to support language development for any language level student.  


Presenter/s: Stephanie Newhouse
Organization/School: Greeley Evans School District 6
Email Address: stephanienewhouse@gmail.com

Stephanie Newhouse is a District Administrator for adult ESL and family literacy programs serving migrants, refugees, and Title 1 families in Weld County.  ESL instructor for the University of Phoenix Master of Education program.



E. Computer Literacy for Adult Students – 10:00-11:15

The presentation will include mouse control, typing, Word formatting, and Internet exercise demonstrations that help students train their computer skills, along with simultaneous fun activities involving the use of colors, music, pictures, and some ESL. By the end of the session participants will gain simple and useful ideas to help students overcome the panic of using computers. The participant does not need to be a computer literate. He or she can try the exercises himself or herself.


Presenter/s: Kenia Campbell
Organization/School: Colorado Heights University
Email Address: kenia.campbell@gmail.com  



F. I Would Like to Purchase an Argument: Writing and the 2014 GED Test– 10:00-11:15

Many remember the Monty Python skit on purchasing an argument and the debate which ensued. In Adult Education of 2014 and beyond, argumentation writing will supplant the previous essay form of the personal experience essay. It is essential for instructors to be able to convey argumentative writing skills to their students. In this workshop participants will (1) gain an introduction to changes in writing for the 2014 GED test (2) gain an understanding of the components of argumentative writing and most importantly (3) develop strategies and materials for the instruction of argumentative writing.


Presenter/s: Josh Evans
Organization/School: The Learning Resource
Email Address: Josh@thelearningsource.org 

Joshua Evans is the Executive Director of the Learning Source, with over 12 years of experience in education, focused on assisting the nontraditional adult learner. He has a M.A. in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University and  undergraduate degrees in Professional Writing and Editing and Criminal Justice  from the University of North Carolina—Wilmington.


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28 September 2013

8:00 AM

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Regis University
3333 Regis Blvd
United States

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