WOMB DANCE: 21 Day On-Line Womens Holiday Peace and Pleasure Practice

Thu, November 24 2016, 10:00 AM - Fri, December 16 2016, 10:00 AM [MST]

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Payment plan PARTIAL APPROVAL - $27.00

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WOMB Dance 21 Day Full Body Yes Holiday Support Program. PARTIAL APPROVAL - $80.00

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Returning womb dancers PARTIAL APPROVAL - $40.00

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Thu, November 24 2016, 10:00 AM - Fri, December 16 2016, 10:00 AM [MST]

 W.O.M.B. Dance ... 


21 Day On- Line Full Body Yes

Enjoy your Female Body

Holiday Support Program...


Reclaim your pleasure, power and inner peace. Find a new way to live love and work through a variety of ancient healing dance and meditation modalities. 

Womb dance is a women's sacred feminine practice. A shamanic womb centered daily practice comprised of movement, dance meditation, massage, song and ritual. A discovery journey of the wild divine women within. 

This  is an invitation to become a womb dancer.

- A woman who believes her body is sacred.

- Who Knows the power of her pleasure. 

- Who can feel the wisdom of her wild woman 

- Who values the intelligence of her feminine essence

- Who practices cultivating inner peace

- Who is discovering how much her personal practice effects the global field. 

  • No one will respect and honor women in our world if we the women can not first learn tohonor and respect our own sacred bodies and the power, pleasure and wisdom they yield.

  • 21 days of women's sacred practice.

  • A way to heal and celebrate.

  • A way to support our planet in embracing the wild divine intelligence of the feminine.


Our time together is concentrated into 21 days. 

It is widely believed in personal growth modalities and the sacred arts  that you can make or break most habits when consistently practicing a routine for 21 Days.


We meet On - Line and in live video. 


Yes! We will learn about how to do yoni steams at home and yoga to balance your hormones, learn healing movement practices that energize you in less then 5 minutes!


Your body, libido and sacred womb center will thank you for years to come.


... I was really inspired to offer womenmsomething personal and supportive while they were entering the winter months.


Intuitive women can feel the quieting of the season and at the same time the social norms of holiday seasons are quite busy. 


So how do we stay connected to our deep well of womb widsom and a sense of peace and pleasure while being pulled in these 2 directions. It is a practice of daily meditations and movement and special self care dates where you take time out to tend to you. I know that is a hard one sometimes. 


But if your exhausted and frustrated and moving through your life crabby and overwhelmed this could change everything. 

15 minutes a day could change this overwhelm into new found peace and pleasure. 


There is a way in which returning to our womb center.

The Center of our power and creativty can really change everything. There are simple and efficient ways to do that.


Once is done the rest of the day moves so much more fluidly! 

Your heart opens and the magic comes back. 



November 24 WE TAKE OFF. 

I have created an overflowing river of practice and delight for you sisters! 

Helping you to bring earth centered conscousness, ancient womb wisdom, and yogic practice into your modern riddle. 
A path to self love and pleasure! 

I have developed:

Sacred womb healing movement

Yoni steam worksheets 


YOGA series to balance your hormones 

WORKSHEETS to sort and sift through shame and doubt

DANCE practices to free up tension & center your womb

CHARTS to track your creativity and fertility

Simple RITUALS to bring deep meaning to your days

Fun and nourishing RECIPES for your female body

Yoga and foods to shift cramping

Audio MEDITATIONS that help you access the wisdom of your womb... 

Tools for learning your anatomy of PLEASURE

complete with you own SELF LOVE  vows!

21 DAYS OF GOODIES to help you find your full body yes 
from your female center all the way out Into the global field. 

Ixeeya Beacher


Ixeeya Lin ...Ixeeya Lin is the founder of Womens Tent and the Healing Dance Institute. Author of "The Way of the Wild Divine Woman" and the WOMB Dance Method: feminine restoration through movemnt. She has a thriving private Womens Healing Arts practice in Boulder Co. Helping women reclaim their body, voice and creative pleasure through somatic and dance healing, shamanic ritual body work and natural womb and pelvic care. She has been gathering the women and co-creating womens empowerment programs, sacred dances and red tents for almost two decades. A trained and apprenticed ceremonialist and sacred dancer bringing an overflowing basket of goodies from walking the shamanic and yogaic paths, temple dance traditions, a 20 year healing dance career, folk herbalism and global touring and teaching. "Restoration of the feminine is upon us and it is up to all of us to do our part through inviting her to awaken with in us for the healing of our global culture . I know of no other more potent way then through the dance and the circle. " Ixeeya Lin

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